About Us


Who We Are

Olfactory Scent Studio offers you a unique experience of custom blending your own personal fragrance oils from which one-of-a-kind premium home or body products are created. Products range from hand-poured natural soy candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays to bath & body products. 

The Experience

The world contains millions and millions of different smells, all of which are combinations of unique chemical odorants. Because of your genes and your personal experiences, each person reacts differently to the same odor. This is what makes you one-of-a-kind! So, come play around with your scent and create your own unique products! 

The custom blending experience at Olfactory Scent Studio is unlike anything else you have ever done! We provide a fun do-it-yourself creative experience for you to enjoy by yourself or with your group! The 100+ fragrances that are offered allow you to create endless variations of quality products that will make you wanting to come back for more! Create gifts for loved ones, blend seasonal products, or even bring in your own candle jar that we can pour your personal scented candle into!

The entire process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours and reservations are not required for groups under 5. Simply stop by and begin your fragrance journey today!

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