Custom blending

How It Works

Begin your experience from the moment that you walk in the door! Our staff will help you decide which home or body product you want to create and they will guide you to begin smelling over 100 premium hand-poured natural soy candles in order to find your favorite scents! We know that you will find numerous scents that you will love!

At this point, you can buy a pre-poured candle off of the shelf or you can go through the entire blending experience yourself!

Once you write down all of your favorite scents, you will be able to have a seat at the fragrance blending bar where our Scent Sylists will assist you in narrowing down your list to just a few of your top scents that they are sure will blend perfectly together. You will then be able to mix your favorite smelling fragrance oils into your own unique custom scent, from which you will create your chosen product! You will even get your own custom labels!

Once you are finished creating your room spray, diffuser, lotion, etc., you will be able to take it home with you immediately! If you decided to pour a candle, it will be ready for you to take home after only one hour (candles need time to cool). Go grab a bite to eat, get some drinks at the nearby restaurants, or shop through the stores at The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. Before you know it, your product will be ready for you to take home and enjoy!

List of Fragrances

Take a look at our 100+ fragrances that you can choose from!

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Helpful Tip


If you would like to take home your hand poured candle the same day that you come in, please arrive around 2 hours before closing. This allows you time to create your product and it allows the candle time to cool (approximately one hour)​. However, you can always pick it up another day! We will hold onto your candle until you find time to come back in.