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Can you make a Donation?

Can you make a Donation?

13 December 2019
Fundraising Events


Just like our unique pour-your-own candle experience, we like to think outside the box when it comes to charitable donations, too! Rather than simply donating money, a candle, or a gift package for a silent auction or to a single organization, we like to partner with local organizations to raise money and make an impact through our Fundraising Events. 

Hosting a Fundraiser with Olfactory Scent Studio is fun, simple, and very effective! Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick a day for the event (we’ll discuss great options with you!)
  2. We’ll provide you with informational brochures as well as images for you to copy and hand-out. Flyers, postcards, etc. are a great way of generating support for your organization (and help encourage customers to spend a little more knowing where the money is going!)
  3. It’s your job to get the word out! Invite all your friends, family, volunteers, and fans to visit the store that day to buy and/or make candles. The more people you bring in, the more money you raise! 
  4. We give you back 20% of the retail sales generated by your organization on the day of the event. 

As part of the event, we require that you book a candle-pouring party of at least 8 guests on that day. Don’t worry - you don’t have to put down a minimum or pay for your group (everyone can pay individually). It’s a great way to ensure you get people in to pour candles, have fun, and support your cause! Be sure to ask anyone who visits the store on behalf of your group to mention the name of your group/fundraiser when they come in to receive credit for the sale. 

Interested in hosting a Fundraiser for your group at Olfactory? We’d love to help! Please email Sue at for more information or to schedule your event.