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Olfactory Scent Studio Fundraising Program for Nonprofits

Make an Impact For Your Northwest Metro Organization

Fundraising at Olfactory Scent Studio

We love to support our community and with the number of requests for donations we receive, we understand that the need is great.   We like to think outside the box when it comes to charitable donations.  Rather than simply donating a single product or gift card, we like to partner with local non-profit organizations to raise some serious cash and make a real impact through our Olfactory Scent Studio Fundraising Program.    

Below is a snapshot of how our Fundraising Program works.  This option is so much fun and effective in raising money for your cause! 

  • You pick a date for the event (we’ll discuss great options with you ahead of time.)
  • We’ll provide you with informational brochures, images for you to copy and hand-out, as well as share via Social Media. Flyers, postcards, posts, etc. are a great way of generating support for your organization (and help encourage customers to spend a little more knowing where their money is going!)
  • You get the word out! Invite friends, family, staff, and volunteers to visit the store that day to buy and/or make candles. The more people you bring in, the more money you raise! We will be staffed and ready to accommodate as many guests as you send our way. We encourage those who know that they’ll be coming in to blend a scented product at the blending bar to make reservations. Walk-ins are also always welcome!
  • We give you back 20% of the retail sales generated by your organization on the day of the event.

 CONTACT US to learn more about fundraising at Olfactory Scent Studio!