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Scent Your Wedding

Mood board ready? Busy planning your special day? The date, the DJ, the décor… all of it? Don’t forget about the small details, too! They’re what can make your wedding day even more special and memorable for years to come. Consider scenting your wedding…

 Scent Your Wedding

This can be done in a number of ways, and we’re here to help make everything as perfect and as seamless as possible – we know you’ve got your hands full!


  • Scent Your Venue: Scent has a strong link memory and emotion (stronger than any of our other senses.) Set the perfect vibe your wedding day by including custom-scented candles in your table centerpieces, placing diffusers near the entryway or alongside your guestbook, and gently misting fragrance oil in the restrooms.
  • Create Custom Wedding Favors: Gift your custom-scented candles to all of your wedding guests in favor-sized jars, or create a very special thank you gift for the wedding party. Adorn their hotel rooms with a candle or aromatic mist.
  • … and, bottle it up to cherish for years to come! We keep your fragrance recipe on file. Talk about an amazing anniversary gift, or little spritz of love whenever you feel like it!


Interested in learning more about scenting your special day? Let’s talk! Email or give us a call at 763-600-6052.