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The Fragrance Love Story

The Fragrance Love Story

14 March 2019

You’re busy planning your wedding: knee-deep in dresses, sampling champagne with one hand, a bite of cake in the other. In other words, the Bride-to-Be Brain is nearing full capacity! Good thing the crew here at Olfactory loves weddings and we’re here to help...

‘Be My Bridesmaid’ Proposals

You’ve been through thick and thin, and now it’s time to make it official. Ask your best girls to be by your side on your wedding day by pampering them with a personalized candle or spa set. Choose from candles, bath salts, lotion, and/or sugar scrub, and equip the ladies for the big day. We’ll create custom labels for you (clever and thoughtful invites welcome!)

Custom Wedding Favors

Bachelorette Parties

We’ve all played the standard Bachelorette Party Games. Sure, they’re good for some laughs, but if the squad is looking for something a little less expected, make Olfactory one of the stops during your Bachelorette Party rendezvous! Plan a Blending Party and pair it with dinner and drinks or treat yourselves to a full-on spa day nearby in The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes.


Bachelorette Party

Scent Your Wedding

Let’s make sure your big day smells incredible, is infused with love, and that you can bottle it all up to revisit in the years to come. Stop by the studio to create a couple’s blend alongside your other half.

On your wedding day, gently diffuse your fragrance through the venue or add scented candles to entryways for a lovely, more concentrated fragrance. Personalize your wedding décor with ambrosial centerpieces or provide your guests memorable Thank-You gifts (by bottling them up a mini version of your fragrance to take home). For a stunning, finishing touch: Spritz yourself right before you walk down the aisle!

We’ll keep it simple (and save brain anatomy for another day). Scent is the most powerful of our senses when it comes to memory and emotion. One little mist and like a montage from a movie, you will experience the precious excitement all over again.

Let’s chat more about how scent can enhance your wedding! Call or email us today to get started.